From Local to Global: How to Expand Your Brand Reach

From Local to Global: How to Expand Your Brand Reach

From Local to Global: How to Expand Your Brand Reach

Whether you have your heart set on a television series or an Architectural Digest feature, here’s how to expand your reach…

September 01, 2023

Words by Marbury Team

Photo by Daniel Nouri

There is nothing sweeter than being deeply and favorably known by your community. The intimacy and loyalty between small brands and local consumers are beautiful, a relationship we should all strive to imitate. However, for the visionary interior designer, there is often a pull for something more. Whether you have your heart set on a television series or an Architectural Digest feature, you are ready to expand your reach and broaden your impact. 

The key to seamlessly executing this shift is to maintain the same feeling of a local brand. Imagine the nostalgic, comforting feeling of walking into your neighborhood coffee shop. The baristas know your name, there are familiar faces smiling over their laptops, and a soothing ambiance floats through the space. That is the feeling you want to capture in your brand, even as you scale. What you are known and loved for now should remain the steadying force behind everything you do. 

The only difference between where you are now and where you’re going is the way you communicate that feeling. The energy stays the same but the expression changes. How that expression changes depends largely on where you are, where you want to go, and who you want to reach. Once these three things are established, typically during the brand strategy stage of our process, you are primed to begin the transition. Here are a few changes we would consider in order to expand your brand’s presence.

For the visionary interior designer, there is often a pull for something more.



1. Elevate your visuals for global interaction

How you would dress when attending a family reunion vastly differs from what you would wear to a charity gala or corporate gathering. In the same way, your brand identity should change to fit its intended audience. As you plan your break into a larger market, look around you. What do the brands to your left and right look like? How would you describe their overall appearance? Are they communicating elegance and sophistication or playful boldness? How can you fit in with this crowd? 

The aim here isn’t to “wear” what everyone else is wearing but to match the quality and caliber of your environment. This means elevating your visuals to a standard that is competitive and aspirational. In other words, you want to look like you belong. Research shows that humans form first impressions in 7 seconds or less. That means traits like trustworthiness, belonging, and worth are decided before your audience can even read your copy or experience your service. The primary perception of your brand is based heavily on what it looks like. 


2. Narrow your focus

When we think of expanding, we often think it means becoming everything to everyone. This often creates the opposite effect. The most successful, well-known brands have risen to recognition because they dared to be exclusive. They hold specific values, polarizing perspectives, and an intimate understanding of their target audience. 

Whole Foods infamously exemplifies the beauty of focus through its commitment to health and wellness. Since their foundation in 1980, they’ve had a living list of ingredients called “The No List.” Any product containing one of the 260+ ingredients on this list is devotedly excluded from their store. This list includes ingredients commonly found in favorite snacks such as Oreos, Lays, Coca-Cola, Reese’s, and more. This exclusivity has garnered praise and criticism, making them one of the most polarizing grocery store brands. Even still, they have a cult following of customers who love them and a global reputation that hasn’t faded. 

To increase your brand’s awareness and reach, consider getting clearer on your values, vision, and target audience. Don’t shy away from being specific. Your specificity may be the very thing that people have been waiting for. 


3. Tell a story

Finally, give the world something to connect with. You have more to offer beyond the services or products you offer. Behind your brand is a story, a mission, and a purpose for consumers to identify themselves within. The narrative you define now is the narrative that will carry you into every evolution to come. So be thoughtful with how you shape this integral piece of your brand.

Begin with solidifying your brand’s reason for being. Why do you exist? What keeps you going? The answers to these questions will outline how you tell your story. From there, integrate these values into every aspect of your brand. 

To those ready to enter the next iteration of their vision, we encourage you to inquire here to learn more about our services. We excel in building heritage-quality brands for interior visionaries as they establish, scale, or niche their brand. It would be a joy to journey with you in this next chapter—we look forward to connecting with you.

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