How Long Does The Branding Process Take?

How Long Does The Branding Process Take?

How Long Does The Branding Process Take?

As entrepreneurs, we understand the importance of moving while the vision is fresh. We want to capitalize on our ideas as soon as they land so we can avoid losing momentum. However, speed often comes with a compromise.

April 24, 2023

Words by Marbury Team

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Time seems to move quicker in the realm of business. As entrepreneurs, we understand the importance of moving while the vision is fresh. We capitalize on our ideas as soon as they land so we can avoid losing momentum. With deadlines constantly on our heels and competitors making waves around us, we try to reach for new edges of productivity in order to get ahead. We find ourselves striving to be the fastest, most creative, and most valuable brand on the market.

The truth is, though, we can very rarely live up to that expectation. Many brands succeed at one or two of these things, but rarely all three. Why? Because one is gained at the sacrifice of others. 

Speed and instant gratification usually comes at the expense of quality and creativity. The fashion industry is a perfect example of this effect. Fast fashion—retail clothing that is mass produced to meet high consumer demand—is appealing for its accessibility and quick production time but critiqued for its lack of sustainability. Not only does it implement unethical and environmentally damaging practices, but it produces products that are poorly designed and creatively lackluster. It is proof that the old adage is true—good things do take time.

Speed and instant gratification usually comes at the expense of quality and creativity.



This principle is equally applicable to the branding process. We’ve spoken in the past about our quality-over-quantity approach and are transparent about the length of our packages. For anyone curious, our Branding Identity package takes place over 7 weeks, which is on par with industry standards.

Today, we would like to give you a bit more insight into why our services are structured the way they’re structured. It all comes down to three things:


1. Collaboration

In the end, you’re the one who will embody this brand. So, it’s important to us that your voice is heard at each stage of the process. We allocate multiple rounds of feedback in all of our projects to give you time to digest before moving into revisions. When it is time to revisit a concept, we will always do so with your feedback fresh in our minds. We use our expertise to execute your ideas with as much efficiency, clarity, and imagination as possible but will never overstep your vision. 

While making space for these revisions does add time to the overall process, we consider it essential to the final product. Each conversation is a building block upon the larger narrative of your brand. Without them, we are left with work that lacks personality and essence.


2. Creativity

Artistry cannot be rushed. Therefore, we choose not to create from a place of hurry or urgency. Instead, we create with intention and precision, carefully thinking through each detail in order to present the most innovative, thoughtful, and meaningful design. This work ethos often leads to less time spent on the project overall. Since we take our time in the beginning, there is less need for extensive revision later down the road.  

This approach also lends itself to more originality. When moving quickly, our mind draws from existing sources to fill in the gap. This subconscious piggybacking technique uses less mental energy and allows the process to flow faster. Unfortunately, it produces a design that looks and feels generic rather than inspired. When we slow down, however, we’re able to think reflectively to conjure up new and refreshed ideas. Our mind is no longer working at a superficial level but at a stimulated and inspired level that can only be achieved by slowing down. This inspired level of creativity is what leads to the rich, original work that we deliver.


3. Longevity

Speed is the greatest threat to quality. Like fashion, high-quality branding requires strategic crafting in order to stand the test of time. When investing in branding, consider how it will resonate five, ten, or even fifteen years into the future. There is a strategy for creating lasting design, and, like most valuable things, it takes time to uncover that foundation.

Sacrificing longevity for instantaneous accessibility increases your likelihood of spending unnecessary energy in the future. What happens when a trending brand aesthetic is no longer trending? Or when your identity fails to resonate with the long-term direction of your business? By investing in expedited, low-quality branding, you will inevitably have to reinvest sooner rather than later when the design no longer holds up. 

We believe in prioritizing longevity from the start. The reason we require brand strategy as part of our signature package is that it ensures that we are building the rest of your brand with the future in mind. In a sense, we are “future-proofing” your business or setting it up to succeed no matter what turn the trends take. This level of sustainability cannot be achieved without first undergoing the foundational work. 

With these three things in mind—collaboration, creativity, and longevity—we have created a formula that prioritizes both originality and quality. Now, this doesn’t mean we aren’t sensitive to our clients’ time. Quite the opposite. For each project, there are clear timelines established with feedback and revision deadlines in place to create consistent rhythms each week. When needed, we can craft custom timelines to accommodate deadlines that are specific to the client’s business (i.e., book release dates, product launches, press releases, etc.) so long as it doesn’t lead to a compromise in our standard of work.

We strive to be efficient but never hurried, ensuring timeless results that exceed expectations. Interested in learning more about our process? Inquire here to see if Marbury is the right fit for your brand; we would love to start a conversation.

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