Brand Identity, Print Materials, Packaging Design
Shoppe Amber Interiors
Interior Design, Retail
Photography: Jess Isaac

Expanding an inimitable brand’s effortless look to brick-and-mortar.

Amber Lewis’ flair for juxtaposing old and new, along with a lighthearted refinement, has made her interior spaces beloved among the masses. Shoppe Amber Interiors seeks to create the same effortless, curated, and timeless feeling of her interiors in a shoppable setting that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

For the white-wall and laid-back California aesthetic pioneer, we approached the Shoppe Amber Interiors’ visual identity to mimic the brand’s inimitable lived-in feeling through typography and print collateral that elicits a subtle sense of nostalgia and speaks to another time and place.

Wordmark & Submarks

The Shoppe wordmark borrows from the simplicity of its sister brand, Amber Interiors while remaining autonomous in character. It possesses an ebbing line weight that shifts throughout the flow of the letters, creating a sleek and modern appearance. To identify the shop within the overarching brand, we employed a timeless sans serif that mirrors the qualities of the Amber Interiors logo to create a synergistic brand story.

A submark suite was designed for adaptability across the brand’s various product categories, including furniture, kitchen & dining, lighting, pillows & décor, and vintage. The names selected for each type exhibit Amber’s signature cheeky tone.

Color Palette & Print Collateral

We kept the color palette synonymous with the tone of the brand. Neutral, subtle, and sunlight inspired. The use of stone and olive add warmth, while classic off-white and off-black serve as straightforward backdrops for the visual identity to rest. 

Customers can feel the brand’s approachability through tactile details like fibrous stocks and embossed type.

Essentials by Amber Lewis

We developed a complementary brand identity for Essentials by Amber Lewis, a sub-brand beneath the Shoppe Amber Interiors umbrella. The primary application for this identity was custom packaging we developed for Amber’s signature candle collection.