3 Things You Need Before Investing in Branding

3 Things You Need Before Investing in Branding

3 Things You Need Before Investing in Branding

We believe there are few prerequisites before graduating to brand design, none of which include your income or number of followers…

June 23, 2023

Words by Marbury Team

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At Marbury, we pride ourselves on serving a range of clients across all backgrounds. From seasoned experts to ambitious start-ups, we have had the pleasure of meeting our clients at every stage of business development. Yet there is one thing they all had in common: they were ready. 

Contrary to popular thinking, we believe there are few prerequisites before graduating to brand design. It has little to do with the income you’re generating in your business or the number of followers you’ve garnered on Instagram. Instead, it has to do with the overarching purpose for your brand’s existence—a thing that only you can find out. 

While we specialize in storied branding, it is never our story that we’re telling. We simply accentuate what already exists. Through narrative-driven, artful, and distinguished design, we clarify and sharpen our clients’ mythos. Our job isn’t to define that story but refine it. Without their preliminary thinking, we are limited in the depth of our own expression—we can only go as far as their vision goes.

Therefore, there are a few things we recommend having in place before investing in branding…

Through narrative-driven, artful, and distinguished design, we clarify and sharpen our clients’ mythos.



1. A Unique Message

Your message is your reason for existing. It is what you aim to communicate through every post, every email, every client interaction, and every thank you letter. It is what carries your mission forward and answers the question: “Why should customers choose your brand over others?” Without this, you lack the sense, purpose, and direction necessary to outlive your competitors. 

Crafting a unique message requires an intimate understanding of your target audience, their pain points, and the solutions you provide. It also requires you to be in tune with your long-term vision for the brand—something that only you can decide. While refining your message is a collaborative effort during the brand strategy phase, having a basic understanding of what makes your brand unique is crucial before seeking professional assistance.

Here are a few questions to support you in crafting this message:

  • If you could say only one thing about your industry, what would it be?
  • How do you want your audience to feel?
  • What phrases do you find yourself repeating to clients?


2. A Distinguished Voice

When we think of voice, we often think of the loud, bold, and high-energy brands that make their presence known. This is not the only indication of an established brand voice, though. You can have a strong and clarified voice without having to yell through every letter. In fact, softness may be the very edge that sets you apart from your competitors. 

Designing your voice begins with noticing how you naturally communicate inside your business. What words do you frequently use? How do you communicate with your clients? Do your conversations trend toward formal or casual? What tone of voice do you take on? Your answers to these questions can be channeled into your brand identity to shape your voice.  

We recommend having a soft sense of your voice and tone. This does not have to be concrete yet—we can iron out the details in the strategy portion of our journey—but it should have some substance to get us started. You can begin this exploration by identifying the characteristics that you already possess in your work. Are you sophisticated or playful? Bold and colorful or understated and neutral? These are all great indicators of your organic voice. 


3. A Different Point of View

This is perhaps the most critical element of the three. In a saturated market, a fresh perspective serves as the differentiating factor between an ordinary brand and a memorable brand. Your unique POV encompasses your expertise, values, and mission in a way that magnetizes your target audience and energizes your entire brand. 

While the former elements can be drawn out in the brand strategy process, your POV (or zone of genius) is found in the fabric of who you are. It’s the culmination of your professional background, life experiences, passions, and personal gifts. In other words, it is the one thing that no one can take away from you. 

For example, Marbury’s unique point of view flows from our founder—Jessica Comingore. She melds her background in high-end interior design with her expertise in branding to offer a functional, empathic experience for our clients. Her framework is strengthened by the multi-disciplinary education she’s received and her layered lived experience, Our point of view is one laced with story, embodiment, and functionality to create legacy brands. 

To identify your point of view, begin by identifying what you stand for (and against) in your industry. Look out at what others are doing and ask: what do you do differently? Where do you excel? Where are your strengths? How does your process differ from theirs? Is there anything they do that you don’t resonate with? Go through these questions and notice if any consistencies arise, they might point you toward that POV. 

While we recommend establishing these 3 things before investing in branding, there are other ways you can get started while in the discovery phase. Both our 1:1 Consulting Sessions and à la carte Brand Strategy are designed to support you in unearthing and refining these elements. 

For the emerging entrepreneur still in the brainstorming phase, our 1:1 Consulting offer would be a good fit. Over 3-6 months, we journey through the internal and external details to create a tangible pathway toward success. Click here to inquire. 

If you’ve identified your unique POV but need support articulating, elevating, and communicating all the elements, we recommend our brand strategy process for added clarity. Together, we create a comprehensive foundation for your brand to stand on. Click here to inquire.

We look forward to supporting you as your brand takes shape!

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