How To Identify Your Next Steps In Business

How To Identify Your Next Steps In Business

How To Identify Your Next Steps In Business

As entrepreneurs, we are always considering the next step. But what happens when that next step feels unclear? Here are a few questions & insights to guide you in your exploration.

June 09, 2023

Words by Marbury Team

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What happens when you achieve what you set out to do? Many of us enter into business with modest expectations for what we can achieve; a stable income, a healthy team, an excellent ecosystem of offerings, and a loyal audience. Once we achieve these things, we get to rest and enjoy the fruits of our labor. Until we’re left asking one very important question…

What comes next?

The entrepreneurial spirit is one fueled with future visions and forward-thinking. We can never sit still too long before setting our sights on the next thing. Whether it’s a bold new product line or a risky marketing campaign, there’s likely an ambitious idea lingering in the back of your mind. One that you’ve always dreamed of but haven’t actually thought about attempting. 

In today’s journal post, we’re going to provide you with 5 questions to guide you toward identifying that idea and bringing it to life:

The entrepreneurial spirit is one fueled with future visions and forward-thinking.



1. What legacy do you want to leave behind through your brand?

We love this question because it takes you out of the present and into the future, stretching your vision beyond what is seen. All effective brands are crafted with an end goal in mind. Whether that goal is to become a global household name or a small-town hero, they keep it at the center of everything. Your brand should follow the same thread. 

What do you want to be remembered for? Who do you want to impact? Formulate your next steps based on what’s going to take you closer to this legacy. 


2. What’s the apparent pathway forward?

When faced with a choice point in our business, there’s often a path of least resistance. This is the path that comes with the least amount of obstacles, risks, and complications. It could be a business partnership that appears out of thin air, a public relations breakthrough that brings in new leads, or a middle-of-the-night idea that just feels right. Whatever it is, it may be wise to follow it. Sometimes the most natural answer is the correct answer—lean into the flow of what’s already working. 


3. How can you challenge yourself?

In contrast, it may help to explore where you’re resisting. For those of us who appreciate the thrill, grit, and unpredictability of business, a challenge may be the right move. Keep yourself on the edge of transformation by investigating the choice that scares you the most. Does it bring a feeling of dread or a feeling of excitement? You may find that the thing you’ve been running from is secretly the thing you want most.

Keep in mind that simple doesn’t always mean easy. You can follow the path of least resistance and still embrace a good challenge. Both experiences can coexist. 


4. What do you have the capacity for?

Look at your resources and evaluate what’s realistic. What untapped talents does your team hold? How can you stretch them to take on more or create in a new way? What do you, as the founder, have the capacity for? What can your systems hold right now? 

Evaluating your capacity will help you realize what is and isn’t possible in your business. For example, if your systems are not set up to distribute more products or take on more clients, then you know that direct scaling isn’t an option yet. Instead, you could decide to dedicate this next season to optimizing your systems to hold more in the future. So, look at what is actually feasible based on where you are now. 


5. What excites you?

Going back to the notion we explored in the beginning, there is likely something you’ve been dreaming about in the back of your mind. Make a list of all of the products, activities, possibilities, or collaborations that excite you. Then narrow them down one by one using the questions we’ve listed. Which one aligns with your legacy? Which one has the least resistance? Which one challenges you? Which one do you have the capacity for? And, finally, which one excites you?

When it comes to making empowered decisions for your business, don’t forget the reason why you started: because you care. Your love for your craft is the fuel beneath it all. When you stay connected to that original drive, appreciation, and devotion, you’re able to feel grounded in every decision you make—no matter how challenging. 

Our own mission is fueled by a desire to walk alongside entrepreneurs during this phase of discovery. If you feel like you need more support as you map out your next steps, we encourage you to inquire about our 1:1 Consulting offer. This 3-6 month container is designed to create space for holistic solutions, deep listening, and inspired action to emerge. Our creative director, Jessica Comingore, uses her rich background in branding & entrepreneurship to serve as a strategic guide within your business. Click here to inquire now; we look forward to connecting with you!

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