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Botanica Restaurant & Market
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Crafting a fresh retail experience for a veggie-centric culinary haven.

In 2017, Botanica Restaurant & Market burst onto the culinary scene in the heart of Los Angeles, founded by esteemed food writers turned restaurateurs, Emily Fiffer and Heather Sperling. From its inception, Botanica has been synonymous with veggie-centric dining, embodying a philosophy of nourishing hospitality that celebrates seasonal, Southern California cooking and sustainable practices. As their creative partners, our agency collaborated closely with Botanica to translate their vision into tangible brand elements, including the original packaging design that adorned their pantry products and signage that welcomed guests into their culinary haven.

Seven years later, Botanica returned to us with a renewed ambition—to extend their brand’s high-quality reputation beyond the confines of their restaurant’s marketplace. With a desire to reach a broader audience and offer their products to consumers beyond the walls of Botanica, our mission was clear: to reimagine their packaging design, ensuring it captivates hearts and minds while staying true to their brand’s essence.

The Vision

The redesign of Botanica’s packaging marks a pivotal moment in their brand’s journey—a strategic initiative to expand their reach and build upon their reputation for high-quality, sustainably sourced products. By refreshing their packaging design, we aimed to create a lasting impression on consumers, enticing them to explore the vibrant flavors of California wherever they may be.

Custom Illustrations

Building upon Botanica’s ethos of artisanal craftsmanship, our collaboration aimed to elevate the brand’s packaging design, infusing it with renewed energy and sophistication. Custom illustrations, reminiscent of hand-stamped artwork, were meticulously crafted to reflect the hands-on processes and dedicated artisans behind Botanica’s products. These illustrations, adorning the packaging, serve as a visual ode to the vibrant flavors within.

Typography & Color Palette

A delicate balance of elegance and utility defines the typographic choices for Botanica’s packaging. An elegant serif font, rendered in lowercase, evokes a sense of timeless sophistication, complementing the brand’s refined aesthetic. Paired with a monospaced font for practicality, it ensures clarity and functionality in conveying product information.

Drawing inspiration from Botanica’s existing brand identity, a refreshed color palette injects vibrancy and allure, captivating customers’ attention on market shelves. These design elements collectively invite customers to embark on a sensory journey, exploring the vibrant and nourishing flavors of California.

To-Go Packaging

Botanica’s to-go packaging reflects the brand’s essence with a fresh interpretation of their signature submark—a citrus wheel—adorned on custom coffee cups and stickers. The updated color scheme, boasting punchier tones of their iconic pink and blue hues, ensures a cohesive and eye-catching presentation.

Granola & Cracker boxes

Our redesign for Botanica’s granola and cracker boxes elevates their presentation from paper bags to sleek tuck-top boxes. Featuring custom illustrated labels that wrap around the box like a belly band, these boxes showcase the same illustrative style seen on the pantry products, providing a seamless and visually engaging experience for consumers.

“Working with Marbury was such a positive experience. Their organization and attention to detail kept us on track, and they were patient and open as we waded through navigating the branding of our unborn business. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome; everything is beautiful and just so us!”

Emily Fiffer, Co-Founder of Botanica Restaurant & Market

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