Brand Identity, Print Materials
Frances Loom

A rug brand offering history and refined romance to the spaces they inhabit.

Frances Loom, founded in 2014, curates rugs from antique dealers and flea markets worldwide, creating comfortable, layered, and soulful spaces. In 2016, we collaborated with Frances Loom’s founder to reimagine its brand identity, reflecting the heirloom qualities of its products. Our goal was to capture the essence of Frances Loom’s ethos—timeless pieces that blend iconic heritage with a modern perspective, lovingly curated for discerning homeowners.

Visual Identity

Drawing inspiration from vintage ephemera and old European typography, we crafted a brand identity that evokes a sense of quiet elegance and approachability. The primary wordmark features an outlined all-caps serif font, subtly nodding to traditional craftsmanship while maintaining a modern edge. Complemented by two versions of a monogrammed submark, the visual identity pays homage to the brand’s antique sourced rugs while establishing a contemporary presence in the social media landscape.

Color Palette

Inspired by the earthy tones found in European rugs, the color palette of Frances Loom encompasses sage, nude, bone, charcoal, and sand. These hues were carefully selected to reflect the timeless beauty of the brand’s collection and evoke a sense of tranquility and sophistication in any space they inhabit. Whether used in branding materials or interior design, each color conveys a sense of warmth and harmony, inviting customers to immerse themselves in the Frances Loom experience.

Print Materials

For Frances Loom’s print materials, we aimed to emulate the tactile quality of its products, creating pieces that feel both vintage and timeless. Using high-quality, fibrous stocks and employing techniques such as letterpress, embossing, and foiling, we crafted a suite of materials that elevate the brand’s image and convey its commitment to quality. From stationery to hang tags, each print element serves as a tangible representation of Frances Loom’s rich history and dedication to creating meaningful, soulful spaces.

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