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Jake Arnold
Interior Design

A bespoke digital world for a visionary designer transcending convention.

Jake Arnold is comfort redefined and lifestyle made limitless. The eponymous home and lifestyle brand started as an interior design firm but evolved to become much more. With a premier book, a collection with Crate & Barrel, and an industry-shifting consulting platform, Jake Arnold has formed a legacy of innovation and possibility.

As we spoke with the creative team at JA, we were moved by the clarity of their vision. They knew exactly where they were, where they were going, and how they wanted to get there. Still, they approached the process with curiosity and a healthy dose of playfulness, as if working from a blank slate. This collaborative willingness to explore resulted in a website that is delightfully unexpected and enveloping.

Color Palette & Typography

Alongside website strategy and design, we refreshed Jake Arnold’s existing brand identity with renewed colors and an updated type suite. Rich, earthen red brings energy to the brand without overstepping the sensation of comfort. We complemented the primary color with neutral creme tones to bring more light and a darker shade of brown to create depth. This range of colors beautifully matches the inherent duality of Jake Arnold’s vision.

Brand Messaging

Their sensory and transcendent approach to interior design served as inspiration throughout our process, a consistent reminder to challenge our paradigms of comfort. This quality shines notably through the brand’s messaging—a detailed, narrative-filled endeavor. Instead of over-relying on visuals, we gave extra attention to the words on the page. The tone of voice is purposeful and poetic to match the brand’s ethos. We infused the copy with intricate details, context, and story to make the reading experience as engaging as the visual experience.

User Experience

When forming the strategy for this website, we prioritized user experience above all else. We wanted the audience to understand what it feels like to dive headfirst into Jake Arnold’s world of history, warmth, and inspiration. Through layered content blocks and flowing interactivity, we designed a dialogue between the brand and the consumer. With each click, you pull back the layers to uncover new ideas, sink into the narrative, and broaden the conversation. Visit website

“Marbury exceeded all expectations by a landslide and I am so thrilled with the new website. I am still in awe that they were able to so perfectly execute our brand and vision for it all.”

Katie Miller, CEO of Jake Arnold

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