Christina Noel Interiors
Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Print Materials
Interior Design, Retail

Setting a design atelier apart through experience and refinement.

Christina Noel Interiors is a full-service interior design firm in the Cayman Islands. The studio also shares a roof with the eponymous atelier C.Noel—a home furnishings boutique that houses the materials and wares used throughout their projects.

Intending to set Christina Noel Interiors apart from its more ostentatious competitors on the Cayman Islands, we designed an identity that embodied the studio’s uniquely personalized and detail-oriented approach to its practice.


Our goal with the atelier’s packaging was to create an elegant foundation through clean typography and a subdued color reminiscent of the brand’s signature palette.

By paring back on extraneous detail and keeping the visuals sharp, the studio’s work shines through, living at the forefront of the brand experience.

The result is an identity that stays true to the brand’s vision of timelessness and quality while relaying a sense of quiet luxury that clients can trust.

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