How To Start Your Branding Process

How To Start Your Branding Process

How To Start Your Branding Process

With an endless list of objectives and assets, it can be hard to discern where your branding process should begin. Here’s our framework for a seamless and streamlined brand journey…

October 20, 2023

Words by Marbury Team

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With a rolling list of capabilities including brand strategy, visual identity, packaging, website design, and art direction, Marbury offers countless services to expand your brand’s presence on and offline. We realize that this list can feel overwhelming to some. With so many options, where do you start? Thankfully, we’ve spent the past year imagining a linear and streamlined pathway for our clients to travel on from start to finish. 

It all begins with strategy. 

Before we touch your visual identity or website, we begin by creating a brand strategy that serves as the foundation for our work together. This conversational portion of the process leads to a comprehensive brand strategy deck that we will return to again and again. Inside, it details your target audience, brand values, brand voice, vision statements, competitor analysis, emotional benefits, and more. It’s where every client starts within the Marbury landscape. 

From there, we tailor the rest of your journey based on the primary goals identified during our initial conversations. Many clients come to us solely for brand strategy then later decide to move forward with a full identity rehaul once they’ve nailed down their vision. This transition can happen immediately or months later, depending on your priorities. A typical Marbury workflow looks like this:

“The entire team works on the smallest details to the big picture, designing in ways that can grow with your product or business—that is such a gift in this industry.”

Ashley Neese




Brand Strategy → Visual Identity → Brand Style Guide → VIP Day(s) (Digital & Print Collateral) → Offboarding

For clients opting for an all-inclusive branding experience, we may also tackle website strategy, website design, brand naming, and art direction before offboarding. Again, this usually happens in stages spread out throughout the year. There is never a rush to get everything done all at once. In fact, we prefer the ease of a spacious and thoughtful timeline. 

To get a sense of how long each portion of the process takes, here’s a sample outline:


Brand Strategy: 3 weeks
  • We kick-off your project with (2) 90-minute strategy sessions designed to get to the core of your business—why you do what you do, who you’re providing a solution for, and what makes you unique in your industry. Upon completion, we’ll spend (2) weeks compiling an in-depth deck to serve as your North Star as you grow your business and our North Star as we dive into the design process.


Brand Identity: 5 weeks
  • Using your brand strategy as a guide, we’ll spend the next (2) weeks developing initial concepts for your brand identity, each illustrating a different quality, value, or aspect of your story that makes you unique. Upon review, we’ll decide on (1) direction to move forward with that feels best and will most effectively speak to your target audience.
  • From here, we’ll spend (3) additional weeks further refining and developing your brand identity to include a brand pattern (if applicable), color palette, and typography suite. We will present these concepts to you as 3D mock-ups so you can effectively visualize how your brand will look in real-life applications.


Brand Style Guide: 2 weeks
  • Once we’ve finalized your brand identity direction, we’ll compile an in-depth style guide that outlines each design decision we’ve made for your brand and how to use each element effectively to achieve a high-quality, consistent customer experience across all of your brand’s touchpoints.


Digital Collateral: VIP Day(s)
  • Upon completion of your brand identity package, you’ll become a Marbury VIP, which grants you access to our VIP Day service. With our VIP Days, you can stay in CEO mode while enlisting Marbury as your in-house graphic designer for a day. During these days, we dedicate our efforts to working through your brand collateral priorities, ensuring the ongoing execution of your identity is elevated and cohesive.
  • This can include digital collateral like social media templates, newsletter templates, proposal or presentation templates. It can also include print collateral like business cards, note cards and envelopes, post cards, hang tags, tear sheets, shopping bags, tote bags, shipping boxes, tissue paper, packing tape, and stickers. Final files will be formatted to hand off to a printer of your choice, or we can oversee print production as an additional scope.


Offboarding: 1 week
  • We create this week as a buffer to finalize lingering details, reflect on our progress, and celebrate our collaboration.



This is a general glimpse into our process and what it can look like holistically. To understand the why behind our timeline, we encourage you to read our journal post How Long Does The Branding Process Take? Inside, we explain our quality-over-quantity approach to design and affinity for sustainable creation. 

To learn more about our services and start your branding journey, inquire here. We would love to curate a package that aligns with your vision, values, and goals for this season.

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