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A boutique branding studio led by designer
Jessica Comingore, specializing in refined identities and
brand alignment for creative entrepreneurs.


Tinge Floral

Tinge Floral is a high-end floral design studio led by Ashley Beyer that specializes in worldwide weddings and events. Led by a rich and approachable color palette, we rebranded Tinge to mirror the unique qualities, both seen and unseen, that make up the brand.

Botanica Restaurant

Botanica is a restaurant and marketplace located in Los Angeles, founded by former food writers-turned-chefs, Emily Fiffer and Heather Sperling. We teamed up with the duo to design their print and packaging system, which draws inspiration from their veggie-centric menu.

marbury mission

It is our belief that you should be able to stand confidently behind a brand that aligns with your business goals, and by doing the most valuable work up front, we provide you with the tools needed to move forward with cohesion and ease, and a brand that’s an asset to your business for years to come.
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As an example, I personally took time off recently to travel Scandinavia. While I technically wasn’t working, the journey reignited my creativity in such a multitude of ways that even once I’d returned home, I craved ways to recapture that feeling in different ways, one of which was music. This latest playlist is an amalgamation […]


It’s one thing to stay creative and inspired, but as a creative professional, it’s also important to keep your skills and strategies sharp enough to implement your work—especially in a field like design where it can feel like things are evolving every day. In addition to foundational work like reading books, getting outside, and seeking […]


Instead of glossing over the details of my travels to focus on the impact they had on Marbury, today’s post is all about stopping and taking in the sights. These were some of the most interesting and beautiful things and places I saw on my Scandinavian adventures, and if you ever get the chance to […]


Between Scandinavia’s visual inspiration and the opportunity to rest and recharge, my mind felt like it was going haywire with new ideas. In many ways, I think that travel is essential for all creatives—even if it’s just an hour car ride away—and the following reasons are just a sampling of why. It reactivates the observer […]