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A boutique branding studio led by Jessica
Comingore, specializing in refined identities and brand
alignment for creative entrepreneurs.


Tinge Floral

Tinge Floral is a high-end floral design studio led by Ashley Beyer that specializes in worldwide weddings and events. Led by a rich and approachable color palette, we rebranded Tinge to mirror the unique qualities, both seen and unseen, that make up the brand.

Botanica Restaurant

Botanica is a restaurant and marketplace located in Los Angeles, founded by former food writers-turned-chefs, Emily Fiffer and Heather Sperling. We teamed up with the duo to design their print and packaging system, which draws inspiration from their veggie-centric menu.

marbury mission

It is our belief that you should be able to stand confidently behind a brand that aligns with your business goals, and by doing the most valuable work up front, we provide you with the tools needed to move forward with cohesion and ease, and a brand that’s an asset to your business for years to come.
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The 3-Day Alignment Challenge

Sign-up to receive our 3-Day Alignment Challenge in your inbox!


I recently read The Power of Quiet by Susan Cain and took so many great insights away from it. Without giving too much away, this book truly changed the way I view introversion. And while our society may value the “surface-level” attributes of extroversion, Quiet dives deep into what introversion really is, and how it […]


Laure Joliet is a longtime friend and colleague—in fact, she’s one of the first people I met in my creative journey many moons ago. She never ceases to inspire me in her ability to be reflective in the midst of a growing and demanding career. And while her professional body of work is truly outstanding, […]


When it comes to branding and design, most business owners want a solution that is fast and long-lasting. But design is about so much more than concept and execution. In my work with our clients at Marbury, I’ve found that a holistic approach to designing and planning a brand that lasts takes time. As designers, […]


When we first start our businesses, we’re typically overflowing with passion and interest. We’re very much “in the trenches”, focused on bringing a dream to life. We learn a lot, test everything, and fail fast. And as our specific ideas get clarified, many creative entrepreneurs have a tendency to move their business in the direction […]